• ecoToken Wordmark

    A new system for environmental regeneration

  • Our goal is to align economic incentives with positive environmental impacts.

  • The

    Centralized Approach to Environmental Initiatives

    Treating the symptom rather than the cause of environmental issues creates major unseen consequences and rarely solves the root problem.


    Small environmental technologies often get overlooked in favour of big budget projects.

    Bureaucracy & Fraud

    The carbon credit market is bogged down by bureaucracy and fraud.

    We aim to overcome these challenges with our ecoToken system.

  • The Solution

    Launchpad for Environmental Projects

    Access to crowdfunding avoids slow bureaucratic funding channels and gives more flexibility for project managers.

    Environmental Credit Exchange

    This allows projects to tokenize their environmental benefits and sell them in the ecoSystem.

    Offset Carbon Emissions

    Carbon credits are available for individuals and corporations to easily offset their emissions.

    Combining these three aspects allows previously unfunded environmental projects to become economically viable.

  • Feedback Loop

    Our goal is to align economic incentives with positive environmental impacts.

  • The Process

    Projects belonging to the ecoSystem produce:

    • Cash back

    • Carbon credits

    • Other credits

    • NFT rewards

    Projects are vetted and deals are made with the environmental projects on expected returns to the ecoSystem.

    Users either stake or plant towards a project.

    Funds are then used towards the environmental project.

    Carbon reductions are verified and tokenized.

    Successful projects pay the system back through fiat and tokenized credits.

    Credits and fiat are then exchanged for ecoTokens through the treasury and exchanges.

    ecoTokens pay back project funder.

  • How it works

  • Accessing the

    Login using your Solana Wallet or
    with a Username and Password.

  • ecoProjects

    Users choose ecoProjects based on environmental impacts & expected return.

    ecoProject Manure ecoProject Organic Waste
  • Once 100% Funded

    Funds are sent to NOAH to complete the project. As NOAH completes the project, progress updates are provided to the ecoSystem.

    ecoProject Organic Waste
  • NOAH Solutions

    Day one of operations an update would be given to the community and those who participated in funding the project.

    DAY 1
  • NOAH Solutions

    An estimated 1,400 tonnes per year of CO2e can be removed from the Dairy Manure Remediation project.

    Once verified, the carbon credits can be minted into the ecoSystem and used to reward the funders of the project.

    DAY 17
  • NOAH Solutions

    A simple sonification device can now be used on the treated lagoon. The device can remain on the property to maintain the lagoon indefinitely.

    The manure has been reduced to a nutrious liquid with no smell. A highly effective fertilizer.

    DAY 24
  • At Completion

    Upon successful completion, the agreed upon returns are transferred back into the ecoSystem and used to purchase ecoTokens that will reward planters and stakers.

  • Tokenomics

    1% BURN

    1% of funds returned from ecoProjects and carbon credits sold will be used to purchase ecoTokens which will be sent to a burn wallet.


    A further 1% of funds will be added to the Liquidity Pool to incentivize liquidity.

    burn wallet & liquidity pool
  • Tokenomics


    15% Initial offering of 150 million ecoTokens. 30% dedicated to the development process. 70% is reserved for growth of the ecoSystem.

    ecoToken Tokenomics
  • NFT Rewards
    and Leaderboards

    Social Marketing Plans

    With each project funded, the top planters will be rewarded NFTs for their contribution.

    All contributors will be placed in order of their contributions on the project's page.

    Users will be able to share their contributions on social platforms.

    Bigger projects that are composed of many small projects, will have a shareable leaderboard showing the highest contributors.

  • Roadmap

    Q1 2022

    Website launch

    ecoWarriors Designs Completed

    ecoToken Created

    Q3 2022

    Begin first environmental projects

    ecoSystem completed and sent for audit

    Private ecoToken offering

    Q4 2022

    ecoSystem Beta released

    Public ecoToken sale

    Full ecoSystem launch

    Carbon credits protocols completed

    Q1 2023

    Multiple projects available

    Large scale project introduced

  • Our Team

    Why are we the ones to solve problem we identified?

    James Bettauer
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Randy Christie
    CTO & Co-Founder
    Munnin aen Huggin
    Blockchain Developer
    Kerstin Bettauer
    Marketing Manager
    Keean Sarb
    Front-End Developer
    Hunter Jozwiak
    Web3 Integration
    Percy Kuziyamisa
    Project Manager
    Alan Wilson
    Corporate Relations


A new system for environmental regeneration

About the ecoToken and ecoSystem

The goal of the ecoSystem is to create a profitable and sustainable way to bring about significant environmental change, by funding environmental initiatives through a decentralized process.

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