The ecoToken System

Aligning economic incentives
with environmental impacts.

The ecoToken

The ecoToken is the utility token of the ecoSystem.

The goal of the ecoSystem is to transform the environmental credit space into an open and freely traded market. The ecoSystem aims to create an entirely new way for companies and individuals to participate in the carbon credit market and participate in other environmental initiatives.

The ecoToken will increase in value as carbon credits are purchased from the ecoSystem. The vision extends beyond carbon credits as the ecoSystem will encompass a wide range of tokens designed to promote all types of environmental improvements.

ecoToken System


Q2 2023

Begin Florida operations

NFT offsetting added for Optimism

Corporate sales campaign begins

Q3 2023

Multiple ecoProjects available inc. multiple Septic

First Water Credits available on chain

NFT offsetting available on Arbitrum

Q4 2023

Full ecoProjects available as fractionalized NFTs

Carbon credits minted in ecoSystem via bridge

Manure lagoon methodology

Q1 2024

Public project funding available

ecoToken launch

NFT offsetting available on BASE layer

Why are we the ones to solve the problems we identified?

James Bettauer

CEO & Co-Founder

MBA graduate, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast. Experience in business creation and development. Now moving full time to blockchain business development.

Randy Christie

CTO & Co-Founder

Randy is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in marketing as well as developing and vetting innovative green technologies.

Forrest Rohr

COO & Sales Lead

Forrest has over a decade of experience in sales and management. He recently came off of building a sales team of 50 in 18 months.

Kerstin Butzelaar

Marketing Manager

Communications and marketing professional with a background in tech and investor relations.

Keean Sarb

Front-End Developer

Blockchain developer coming from Ethereum/Theta origins. Originally worked on applications in the Java programming language.

Hunter Jozwiak

Web3 Integration and Minting

Fullstack Developer with a focus in Rust. Past experience in OS and graphical environment development.

Matsushima Goro

Full Stack Developer

Rich experience in Web3. Develops in Rust and Solidity. Experience developing on Solana, Cosmos, and EVM chains.

Alan Wilson

VP Corporate Relations

Alan has extensive experience in start up financing for public and private companies.