Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ecoToken System do?

The ecoToken System (ecoSystem) is a launch pad for real-world environmental projects as well as an environmental credit producer and seller. EcoToken aims to bring economic incentives to projects that make an environmental impact.
All ecoProjects listed on the ecoToken System website are carefully vetted by the team for viability, environmental impact, and estimated rewards.

Before a project is posted for funding, ecoToken will provide an estimated return for funders based on the revenue and environmental credits the project will generate. Once a project has met its funding goals, the funds are transferred to projects, and they can begin.

Users can plant and stake their ecoTokens towards an environmental project on the ecoSystem website.
ecoTokens can be purchased using a variety of cryptocurrencies. Only ecoTokens can be used to stake on the ecoSystem; however, other cryptocurrencies can be planted to projects.

The ecoToken itself is a deflationary token, hard-capped at 1 billion tokens. When a project meets its funding goals and is in progress, the ecoTokens are locked for a specified period.

ecoSystem projects generate environmental credits. These credits are sold to individuals and corporations looking to offset their environmental impact.

As environmental credits are sold, the revenue will be used to purchase ecoTokens. 1% of those purchased ecoTokens will be burned and 1% distributed to liquidity providers. The remaining tokens are distributed to the funders of the project.

What is the greater goal of the ecoToken System?

The ultimate goal of the ecoToken System is to provide a model for funding environmental projects everywhere. By finding innovative ways to monetize ecological initiatives, we believe that projects with otherwise low economic value but a significant environmental impact can take place.

Our goal is to support the whole gamut of environmental initiatives through developing other environmental credits like water and habitat credits.

Ultimately, we want to incentivize people to save their money in a manner that benefits the planet.

Why use the ecoToken System?

The ecoSystem offers a new way to help our environment. It provides a launchpad for environmental projects looking to connect with individuals who want to fund projects that actively heal our planet. ecoSystem users can choose the ecological projects they would like to support and share in the rewards generated by the project they selected to help fund.

The current carbon credit market supports projects that happened in the past. This means that if someone bought carbon credits to offset their emissions, those funds were used to reward a greenhouse gas reduction initiative that was already completed. Depending on which credits they buy, they could also be very old credits from outdated protocols.

The ecoToken System connects users to projects that may not otherwise take place at all. By funding projects in the ecoToken System, users are pre-funding projects. This allows projects to take place and actively clean our environment.
This means users have a more significant impact on our environment while simultaneously generating rewards that they can then use to fund additional projects.

The ecoToken System takes green funding to a whole new level, the level it should be.

How are you verifying your carbon reductions?

Initially, we are developing two protocols, one for manure lagoon treatment and one for water treatment at organic waste sites. Once these protocols are developed for verifying our projects' environmental impact, we can easily replicate them.

These initial stages of the verification process are being completed with the help of SAIT university in Alberta.

Why are you using the Solana blockchain?

As a company focused on environmental regeneration, we want to be on the most energy-efficient blockchain. Solana uses a proof-of-history consensus mechanism for fast, inexpensive, and energy-efficient transactions.

The ecoToken System needs fast and cheap transactions to be as inclusive as possible.

Furthermore, Solana is also taking active steps toward real-world integration of commerce with platforms such as Solana pay (; which we hope to take advantage of in the future.

Blockchain Energy Consumption Comparison

How can I get involved?

You are directly responsible for the environmental change that ecoToken projects bring about. By funding ecoProjects, you are having an environmental impact. Without you, these projects would not happen. 

Word of mouth is the best form of marketing. If you enjoy earning rewards by bringing about real environmental change, please tell your friends and family how they can help. 

Please join the conversation on our social channels here:


What are the ecoWarriors?

The ecoWarriors campaign began as an idea to fund ecoToken environmental projects before the ecoToken presale. We were fortunate enough to bring on a fantastic artist interested in NFT creation. His enthusiasm for NFTs complemented his desire for environmental action. Thus, he has brought the ecoWarriors to life. 

The project has rapidly expanded. We are finding many more ways to bring value to the ecoWarriors NFTs, which is one of our primary goals. We are building into our system protocols to reward supporters of the ecoSystem for environmental successes generated through their funding. 

NFT projects that are not focused on continual improvement tend to fade away. However, because NFTs are an integral part of the ecoSystem, we are committed to enhancing the value of our ecoWarriors.

One of the many ways we add value to the ecoWarriors is by allowing ecoWarrior holders to stake their NFTs to earn ecoTokens. We anticipate this will encourage staking and drive aftermarket demand from anyone seeking ecoToken allocations.

The ecoWarriors provide a platform for the gaming side of the ecoSystem. This project allows us to enter various metaverse projects, create a gaming guild, run fun marketing projects, and engage our community. 

The ecoWarriors will have four "hives," each with a queen bee. The goal of the hives is to keep the community engaged and run competitions to raise awareness for ecoProjects or get involved in games. The winners of the competitions will be rewarded through airdrops. 

Finally, we plan on working continuously towards the ecoWarrior's metaverse entry. Holders will be eligible for upgrades. The metaverse is where the hive format begins to take shape. The ecoWarrior metaverse lore introduction is now available on our website.

What is planting?

Planting is a term native to the ecoToken System. It means users donate their ecoTokens or other cryptocurrencies to a project. We call this planting because users are planting the seed to participate in the environmental project's success.

Those who plant towards a project will earn higher rewards as the project succeeds than those that stake their ecoTokens. ecoPlanters are also eligible for NFT rewards as the most significant funders. Furthermore, the ecoSystem will acknowledge those individuals and groups having the most significant environmental impact on the ecoSystem's leader boards.

Planting towards projects also eliminates the risk of ecoToken volatility because planters will be rewarded in the USD value of ecoTokens at the time of the reward.

What is staking?

Staking is simply locking your ecoTokens into the ecoSystem for a period of time.

While your ecoTokens are staked, the tokens will be used to support an ecoProject of your choosing. You can also stake them to the ecoSystem in general.

Unlike planting, where the return is based on the performance of the ecoProject, when you stake your ecoTokens, you are guaranteed to receive the total amount of your staked tokens back at the end of the staking period. You will also receive any ecoRewards generated during the staking period. Stakers will receive proportionately fewer ecoRewards than planters for the same contribution.

Users can stake their ecoTokens towards projects, their liquidity pool tokens to the overall ecoSystem, or their Solana to our validator pool to earn ecoTokens.

What are the long-term plans for the ecoToken System?

The ecoToken System aims to transform how new environmental restoration projects come to market. Instead of building a business for new technologies to come to market, we want to let these technologies do what they do best and work on environmental projects. The ecoSystem enables this by finding funding and ecological applications for these new technologies to give them a revenue stream right out of the gate.

The ecoSystem also aims to be on the cutting edge of new environmental credit creation, specifically focusing on water credits. We believe that with the proper development of water credits, we can see tremendous impacts on our global water supply and ecosystems by adding this new economic incentive to act sustainably.

Furthermore, plans include utilizing NFTs to bring environmental credits into various metaverse projects. For example, we want to sell environmental credit offsets to players in-game through our ecoWarriors platform. The player can receive wearable badges for their avatars, displaying their commitment to healthier ecosystems.

Finally, we aim to tackle large-scale environmental projects using a decentralized approach. We believe that many larger ecological challenges can be solved through hundreds of smaller projects at targeted locations.

An example we like to use is the algae problem at Lake Okeechobee in Florida. We believe a solution is available that uses multiple locations and technologies, all working together towards a common goal. 

When will you launch?

Our current target launch date is late Q3-Q4 2022

Are you hiring?

We are currently looking for talented developers and digital marketing experts.

How can I provide liquidity?

A user can provide liquidity to the ecoToken pool by depositing half ecoToken and half USDC into the pool. For doing so, they will receive LP tokens which they can then deposit through their account. The user will receive a portion of all trading fees and a percentage of rewards to the ecoSystem stakers.

What is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a system of storing information in a public and transparent manner that makes it difficult or impossible to alter, hack, or cheat the system. The information becomes a shared ledger of transactions that is duplicated on the entire network of computer systems in the blockchain.
A blockchain collects data together in groups, known as blocks, that hold sets of information. Each block has a maximum storage capacity. Once a block is filled, it is closed and linked to the previously completed block, thus forming a chain of data known as the blockchain.

The blockchain uses a consensus mechanism to get nodes on the network to agree on the existing blockchain as well as any new blocks of information entering the blockchain. Each block accepted onto the blockchain is stored in sequential order. This function provides a secure, trustless, and decentralized (depending on the blockchain rates of decentralization vary) record of transactions that can be relied upon for things such as the transfer of money (cryptocurrency) or important databases such as real estate title ownership, medical records, and environmental credit verification without the need for third party record keepers.

A helpful link to learn more about blockchain technology:

What is a liquidity pool?

A  liquidity pool enables users to buy and sell crypto without the need for a centralized exchange by users providing both sides of a trading pair to facilitate the transaction.

As the liquidity pool increases, the volatility of the token price decreases because there is less of a price impact with each transaction.

A user will receive a percentage of the trading fees associated with the pool's transactions in exchange for doing this.

Users are provided LP tokens (Liquidity Pool Tokens) for depositing their funds. Liquidity pool stakers are rewarded for staking their LP Tokens on their platform of choice.

Providing liquidity can mitigate the downside risk of a token; however, the user may suffer impermanent loss when tokens appreciate.

What is the ecoToken?

The ecoToken is the utility token of the ecoSystem. It is a digital currency, similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum or Solana and can be traded on digital platforms that support the ecoToken.

However, the ecoToken's real value is in its ability to fund environmental projects (ecoProjects) through staking or planting the tokens. 

What is ReFi?

ReFi is an emerging movement at the intersection of climate action and crypto communities. It is rooted in the theory of regenerative economics which is about creating systems that restore and maintain the physical resources essential for human well-being.

This lies in stark contrast to the current centralized planning approach.