Green Waste Treatment

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Green waste in landfills generates large quantities of methane. This project will render it into a plant nutrient, while reducing greenhouse gasses and leading to groundwater improvement.


  • Reduction in methane gas
  • Reduced organics to landfill
  • Creation of plant nutrient
  • Elimination of odor

The ecoStory

Harvest Recycling combines experience, innovation, and leading-edge technology to deliver flexible and cost-effective non-hazardous waste collection, recycling and landfill disposal services to customers in Calgary, Edmonton, and surrounding towns.

Harvest Recycling facilities and operations have long been recognized as being amongst Alberta’s most environmentally responsible. We dedicate substantial investment and human resources to ensure that we are delivering the most innovative and sustainable solutions and the highest environmental standards. In 2012, we won the Calgary Green Company of the year award for providing the best services to our customers and the communities that we work with.

Our Vision

To create a more sustainable environment for Alberta by diverting waste from landfills to our recycling facilities where they can be processed and converted for productive use.

Our Mission

Harvest Recycling is committed to delivering waste management services that improve the social, economic, and environmental well-being of Albertans. We are devoted to leading the industry by offering outstanding commercial and domestic waste collection services, recovery of recyclable material, and waste transportation and disposal services to enhance a sustainable future for our local communities. We do this by providing services that:

  • Minimize waste
  • Minimize the potential for an adverse environmental incident
  • Reduce greenhouse gases and other toxic emissions
  • Minimize the environmental impact of waste transportation and disposal
  • Actively promotes recycling both internally and amongst our clients
  • Generate biomass products from organic waste
  • Meet or exceed all relevant environmental legislation and bylaws in the areas that we operate
  • Maintain a safe and high-quality working environment for our staff
We reduce greenhouse gases through diverting organics away from the landfill, helping restaurants operate in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner

The ecoProject

This ecoProject is the first of a three-part validation test designed to reduce organic waste entering landfills. Orangics in landfills release methane through the decomposition process and contribute to leachate entering groundwater.

On the positive side, the project will reduce the odor associated with storing organics before transport and create a plant nutrient suitable for applications such as fertilizing parks and golf courses.

Phase I: Swimming Pool Test

Phase I will be a test to evaluate the efficacy of the technology to render the organics into an easily disposable liquid. The process will include a HIOS system and frequency generators operating in two 16 foot diameter swimming.

The Objectives for this phase:

  • HIOS Jets Design Improvements.
  • Evaluation of suitable frequencies.
  • Evaluation of potential throughput.
  • Evaluation of potential Greenhouse Gas Reductions.
  • Early assessment of the effectiveness of the nutrient.

Estimated Time: 3 Months.

Phase II: Container System

Based on the gain of knowledge from Phase I, Phase II testing will be conducted within a containerized system.

Objectives for Phase II:

  • Create a continuous flow system.
  • Determine daily throughput and ability to dispose of the liquid.
  • Further HIOS Jets Design Improvements.
  • Further evaluation of frequencies.
  • Evaluation of potential Greenhouse Gas Reductions.
  • Advanced testing on plant nutrient potential.
  • Begin marketing strategy for plant nutrients.
  • Determine how the system can be scaled to accommodate all the organic materials needing treatment.

Estimated Time: 6 Months.

Phase III: Production System

Based on what we have learned in Phase II, new equipment will be manufactured at a scale needed to handle the daily throughput of organic waste.


Industry Partner

Harvest Recycling

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Harvest Recycling is an industry leader in recycling and non-hazardous solid waste disposal.

Technology Partner

NOAH Solutions

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Developing environmentally friendly water treatment systems.

Academic Partner


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology: one of Canada's top applied-research colleges.

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